The Artist

Christoph Zurcher was reared in Switzerland. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from BSH, Zurich, Switzerland, an Associate of Arts Degree in Bible from The Centre’, Conservatory of Ministering Arts, St. Louis, MO and is a licensed Foursquare Minister.

He has received training in drama, mime, juggling, and dance in Switzerland, Holland and the United States. Since 1995, he has performed at schools, conferences, corporate functions, churches and festivals throughout Europe and the United States.

School Programs

The Purpose

Cicoff is firmly convinced that it is vitally important for young people to develop positive character traits like self-discipline, obedience, respect, perseverance and responsibility.

He uses his skills as a jester to motivate and encourage his audience to pursue their goals and reach their fullest potential.

Experience the transformation

As Cicoff brings stories to life, basic principles are addressed in a fresh and innovative way. As he communicates his message of fundamental values, students are mesmerized and challenged and educators are inspired.

“The Power to Choose”

Throughout this fun and high energy presentation CiCOff’s comedic approach provides an opportunity for students to apply character values to their own behavior in a non-threatening way while encouraging them to make good choices. With powerful illustrations he points out the rewards of self-discipline, perseverance, responsibility and treating others with respect.

He effectively includes his audience, teaching the importance of setting goals and that through hard work they CAN accomplish them. With practical lessons he demonstrates how to overcome obstacles, to never give up and to turn mistakes into positive learning experiences.

This presentation can be tailored to address the needs of your students and to fit the curriculum of your school.

Make the right choice and choose for your students “The Power to Choose”.

“Strive for Excellence”

This exciting presentation addresses the importance of always doing your best with a positive attitude.

With practical lessons, CiCOff teaches the students that a good attitude can make a big difference. Throughout this program, the students will be encouraged that if they do their very best, they don’t have to be anxious about failing. If they work hard, they can be confident that they will be successful in their efforts. CiCOff skillfully illustrates that excellence is not a skill but an attitude, and if they believe in themselves they can achieve great things.

This program will inspire the students to always do their best and to work hard while keeping a good attitude as they learn the importance and rewards of striving for excellence.

This motivational program can be used for MAP testing week or any day of the school year.

“Say NO to Drugs”

This presentation will raise the awareness of the serious danger of abusing drugs. CiCOff will challenge the students with questions like: What is a drug? Why do people use drugs? Why do people abuse drugs?

CiCOff will captivate his audience with amazing juggling and balancing tricks while speaking to the students about the importance of making good choices that will lead to a happy and healthy life style.

He also communicates effectively regarding the consequences of making bad choices that can lead to destructive life patterns. He encourages the students not to give in to peer pressure, to stand up for what is right and to say “NO” to drugs.

This program is an excellent choice for Red Ribbon week or any day of the school year.



Cicoff gave a high energy performance for our Catholic School. Our students were entertained by the fast-paced action and his precise skills. His message about Christ’s love for each of our students gave us two reasons to invite him back.Ron Glasgow, Principal Notre Dame MS/HS
Burlington, IA

CiCOff the Jester is one of those special performers who can motivate and excite his audience while delivering a meaningful message. Our students were fascinated at CiCOff’s skills and were positively influenced by his messages to never give up on your dream, keep trying even when the task is difficult, and treat others with respect. We can’t wait for a return visit!Peggy Pfrank
Principal, West Vigo Elementary

I can really see how the children made the connection of character values to the performance. They were fascinated and thrilled by the tricks, but they definitely got the message as well.Sheila Murphy
Counselor, Point Elementary

Mr. Zurcher’s, a.k.a. CiCOff, high energy act provided for a entertaining way of connecting character values (setting goals and never giving up on them) for all levels of our student body (Kindergarten thru 5th grade). It’s a rare find when you can captivate such a wide age range of students in one assembly!Jim Walters
Principal, Point Elementary

CiCOff the Jester came to present at our school. The children really enjoyed him, they talked about his presentation for days afterward. He was able to tailor his presentation to our school’s needs. For example, we are working really hard this year on respect for yourself and others, and perseverance. CiCOff was able to repeatedly work those topics into the presentation all the while the children were having fun.Susan Hudson
Principal, Fayette Elementary School

I cannot say enough about the presentation by Mr. Christoph Zurcher (CiCOff the Jester). CiCOff captivated our middle school and elementary school students with a blend of physical artistry, comedy, and an important character-building message. His juggling and balancing skills are amazing, his humor is fun for all ages, and his message of upright character and responsibility is extremely powerful. If you are thinking about an assembly for your students, you should consider CiCOff the Jester. You will not be disappointed.John Henriksen, Superintendent
Central Lee Community School District

What fun! Our students enjoyed the show as it was packed with energy as well as a great message. This is a program your students will enjoy and your parents will applaud.Alan Charles
Principal, Roosevelt Elementary

Out of all the school assemblies I’ve seen, this assembly is at the top. We loved the humor and variety and also the challenging message for students to live their lives based on a good foundation.Randy Randolph
Principal, Jefferson Elementary

A great time was had by all at our assembly with Cicoff! He performed amazing tricks while promoting the positive values that we instill in our students daily. The students were mesmerized by the magic of Cicoff. They alternated between outrageous laughter and numbing silence as Cicoff held their attention spellbound. We will definitely invite him to perform for our school again and recommend him wholeheartedly.Dr. Debra Fort
Principal, Irving Elementary School

Art and education, performance and pedagogy at their best!Dr. Sharon Shockley Lee
Chair, Division of Education
Lincoln University

I have witnessed Christoph Zurcher’s programs in several settings and have always been impressed. In a school or secular setting, he can entertain with humor and communicate a good message on values. In church settings, he has blended his skills very well in communicating both visually and orally Biblical truths and the gospel message. Christoph is a godly man, very well grounded and wonderfully entertaining.Pastor Ed Plants
Geyer Road Baptist Church
Kirkwood, MO

CiCOff helped us start our new year of Sunday School programming with a fast-paced, gospel-centered performance that engaged both children and adults. The performance moved from one Bible story and message to another, woven together to encourage everyone in their journey to follow the real king, Jesus Christ.Pastor Kendra Nolde
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
St. Louis, MO

What a great event! CiCOff brought the professionalism of an experienced entertainer and the passion of a minister of the gospel. Our children were truly astounded by his skill and touched by the message. I have seen ministries like this before, but never one that is able to weave the message of Jesus throughout the entire presentation. I would recommend this ministry to any church and we will have CiCOff back again.Ben Ratchford, Staff Pastor
Destiny Church
St. Louis, MO

If you’re looking for a unique presentation of the gospel message, Cicoff will not disappoint your audience. He will captivate them with amazing juggling and balancing, combining entertainment with his message … the Good News of Jesus Christ. He has performed at our summer program for children 3 different times and we will invite him to come back again in the future. Both children and adults alike love his program.Alice R. Petty, Director of Children’s Ministries
Grace Community Chapel
St. Peters, MO

What a treat! CiCOff is able to bring the kid out in anybody. The children were delighted and the parents were fascinated. It is a wonderful, scripture based presentation.Richie Thomas, Sr. Pastor
Victory Fellowship
Fulton, MO

Cicoff’s ministry is entertaining and deeply impacting at the same time. He is able to communicate the most fundamental spiritual truth in a way that causes even the most skeptical hearer to sit on the edge of his seat. Your congregation will be riveted from beginning to end and determine that he is not only a classic act, but truly one of a kind. I can’t wait to have him back. I recommend him for any age group from children, to high school kids, to adult Sunday morning congregations. He tailors his message to reach the particular group he is set before.Rev. Mike Stubbs, Senior Pastor
Victory Fellowship Foursquare Church
Emporia, KS

Cicoff’s ministry was a refreshing and energetic presentation of the Gospel message, using his artistic talents. What I appreciated was that his message was not canned but he took the time to adapt his message to the needs of our church at the time he was with us.Rev. Bob Epperson, Senior Pastor
Winterset Foursquare Gospel Church
Winterset, IA

I want to commend and recommend Cicoff for his clear and dynamic presentation of Jesus Christ through his performances. He shares a vibrant relationship with Jesus in his personal and professional relationships. I encourage you to consider his ministry for your school, Church, special events or camps.Pastor Jim Cecil
Foursquare Gospel Church
Fairfield, IA

I have known Cicoff for many years and what a joy! His talent in juggling and balancing draws the attention of crowds and the applause from professional artists around the world. What is even more amazing is his humor and wit in presenting the Gospel while performing! He is always a win, win.Dr. Joel K. Lamb
East Gate
Albuquerque, NM

Cicoff’s ministry is unique in the sense that he ministers a balanced blend of God’s Word with illustrations through the performing arts that are practical in living the Christian life. He has an exceptional ability and gifting to minister to all ages. I would highly recommend him in any congregational setting.Rev. Dennis Campbell, Senior Pastor
Dekalb Foursquare Church
Dekalb, IL

Cicoff captivates both children and adults with his juggling artistry and compelling spoken ministry of biblical truth. Highly recommended.Pastor Dan Walker
Full Life Community Church,
Fenton, MO
Assemblies of God

Cicoff is very creative in his presentation with such a variety of people and with wonderful professional skills. He communicates the most fundamental spiritual truths keeping the attention of those skeptical of any church affiliation or function. Cicoff is different in his approach with the Gospel message. Not only does he articulate very well, but his acting, juggling, mime, comedy and storytelling are given with a genuine and sincere heart drawing the most resistant to entertain making a decision that will transform their life. I can assure that you will be not disappointed.Dr. Les Lee
Retired Senior Pastor
Lafayette, IN

Cicoff is very unique in his presentation of the gospel. He totally captivated every age group in our church and he included them in his presentation. We walked away feeling like we were part of the presentation of Christ. It was very powerful and beyond the normal as he unleashed his talents for Christ.Pastor Dennis Leek
The King’s Harvest
Terre Haute, IN